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TOOL CHEST 1200x900x600mm and 1200x600x600mm

Dimensions: 1200 x 900 x 600 mm & 1200 x 600 x 600 mm

The Sentri range of Black Site and Vehicle boxes has built up a considerable reputation over the last 13 years from a standing start to being a leading, respected,trusted and recognised brand throughout the industry at home and around the world.

As leading designers of metal storage systems we have now taken box engineering to new levels and the locking system is now so far advanced for site and vanboxes that we have patents and design copyrights pending worldwide.

The Xlock™ system of two 8mm thick deadlocks working in the horizontal plane and two 8mm thick hooklocks working in opposing directions in the vertical plane mean you have a 4 point locking system on every Sentri XLOCK™ box that is not equalled on any sitebox available in the world today.

•Guaranteed key difference of 1:6000. 2 keys per box.
• The whole system operates with 1 key in 1 lock with 1 turn .
•Rubber pads on handles to stop those annoying rattles.
•Tool mat for every box.
•Every box has its own individual number for optional replacement key service.
•3 year manufacturers warranty against faulty workmanship.


1 Day

£18.00 exc VAT
£21.60 inc VAT

2 Day

£22.50 exc VAT
£27.00 inc VAT


£30.00 exc VAT
£36.00 inc VAT

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