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  • Pot capacity : 1lt
  • Working pressure : 2-4 bar / 30-60 psi
  • Air consumption : 150-200 lt/min / 5-7Cfm
  • Clamp type suction cup

By using the paint spray gun you can easily achieve professional results using all types of automotive and other paints and lacquers.

Car repairs or even garage doors and alloy wheels can be painted easily and professionally.

Any material that can be thinned to the correct consistency can be spray-painted and this usually includes base coat, enamels, lacquers, protective coatings and water-based products.

Imagine spray-painting a car panel or a complete car, a garage door or your alloy wheels, you will be amazed how simple it is to achieve professional results enjoyably and quickly.


1 Day

£6.00 exc VAT
£7.20 inc VAT

2 Day

£7.50 exc VAT
£9.00 inc VAT


£10.00 exc VAT
£12.00 inc VAT

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