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LAWN VACUUM with Chipper, Self Propelled, Petrol

The Billy Goat TKD Inhales Debris In One Fast Pass!
The "T" stands for Termite. This is the KD lawn vacuum with a 2" capacity chipper. This feature makes short work of fallen limbs or spring pruning.
Full 27 inch intake nozzle plus legendary vacuum power, gives you an effective cleaning path of 30 inches.
The Billy Goat TKD has an appetite as big as all outdoors. It gobbles up leaves and lawn litter in a faction of time needed with ordinary implements. It also flattens cans and safely inhales glass.
Front wheel drive system.


1 Day

£42.00 exc VAT
£50.40 inc VAT

2 Day

£52.50 exc VAT
£63.00 inc VAT


£70.00 exc VAT
£84.00 inc VAT

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