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General Building

LASER INTERIOR, Self Levelling, Including accessories, Visible beam

Automatic self levelling horizonal & vertical, visible beam with variable speed, chalkline zone scan, 30 and 100m with receiver, remote control, automatic shut-off after 30 mins. C/w ni-cad and charger, adjustable wall mount and ceiling target.

Automatic self levelling, +/-8Arc, Hi power, 150m visual radius, scan zone, 90' split beam variable speed, battery low warning. C/w 6 D-cell, built-in wallmount, ceiling targets.

Chalkline with auto focus, planelok-auto vertical alignment, auto-slope ceiling alignment, user only pin number access safeguard & warning system, 140hrs battery use. C/w 6 D-cell, ceiling terget, wallmount, floor trivet. 1441E ni-cad batteries and charge.


1 Day

£36.00 exc VAT
£43.20 inc VAT

2 Day

£45.00 exc VAT
£54.00 inc VAT


£60.00 exc VAT
£72.00 inc VAT

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