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LASER EXTERIOR, Self Levelling, Including staff, tripod and beam detector

The world's toughest laser!

Over fifteen years ago, AGL introduced the first "construction rugged" electronic level. The EAGL 20 improves on this basic design and manufacturing know-how to deliver a reliable, job-site tough electronic level. The EAGL 20 is tough on the inside where it counts. It's really an instrument inside an outer housing. The shroud seals all electronic components against moisture.

Big Jobs - Dirty Jobs - Machine Control Jobs
Rugged design for durability and toughness.
Unique cam drive self leveling system.
Horizontal operating mode.
Tactile keypad (no protruding knobs)


1 Day

£42.00 exc VAT
£50.40 inc VAT

2 Day

£52.50 exc VAT
£63.00 inc VAT


£70.00 exc VAT
£84.00 inc VAT

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