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Cutting & Grinding

HAND HELD CONCRETE PLANE, T.C.T 110/240v, Including wear

EPO180 6" Surface Scabbler

Technical & Applications

  • heavy duty scabblers
  • leaves peened or roughened surface
  • for removing masonry paints & tyrolean
  • keying back render & cement paints
  • scabbling concrete & exposing aggregate
  • dust free with dustex hood & vac

The Powerprep Scabbler is a mult-purpose power tool that will clean, key and prepare interior and exterior wall and floor surfaces.

The scabbler is excellent for stripping exterior facades, interiors for refurbishment or replastering, keying cellar walls for waterproofing and tanking; it leaves a peened and roughened surface.

  • C4 solid tungsten carbide claw cutter are for shaving off concrete surfaces and coatings; leaves a smooth finish
  • C5 solid tungsten star cutters are for keying hard coatings and surfaces, epoxy, polished plaster and trowelled concrete; leaves a keyed surface
  • C6 tungsten carbide tipped scabbling cutter, for render and pebbledash; leaves a rough finish
  • C2 HS steel star cutter for cleaning off paint and rust; the C2’s are the only cutters for use on steel


1 Day

£25.20 exc VAT
£30.24 inc VAT

2 Day

£31.50 exc VAT
£37.80 inc VAT


£42.00 exc VAT
£50.40 inc VAT

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