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CHAINSAW TELESCOPIC 300mm 2 Stroke, extendable up to 5m, including safety equipment

The HT 75 can reach branches up to approx. 5m off
the ground thanks to its extendable shaft. The length
can range from 2.65m - 3.85m. With Picco Mini chain
as standard it makes the HT 75 the perfect tool for
trimming branches. Don't forget the Comfort harness
HT for even load distribution over the shoulders when
using the HT 75.
Technical Data
Displacement 25.4 cm³
Power output 0.95/1.3 kW/bhp
Weight without bar/chain or fuel 6.9 kg
Bar length 30 cm
Oilomatic saw chain pitch/type 3/8" Picco Mini
Overall length with bar and chain 265 - 385 cm


1 Day

£49.20 exc VAT
£59.04 inc VAT

2 Day

£61.50 exc VAT
£73.80 inc VAT


£82.00 exc VAT
£98.40 inc VAT

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