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DIAMOND BLADE HIRE CHARGE 115 - 350mm, Wear charged per mm POA

The Belle Professional range of double laser welded 10mm high segmented diamond products have been designed to give good speed of cut and long life and give excellent value for money.
  • Platinum General Masonry For extensive use on wide range of products including most medium aggregate concretes. General masonry products, stock paving bricks, most roofing tiles and hard sandstones.
  • Platinum Abrasive For abrasive materials including breezeblocks, soft facing bricks, abrasive refactory materials, fire bricks, cellular concrete bricks, soft sandstone and other lightweight abrasive materials. Blades 300mm and over include 15mm undercut protection segments.
  • Platinum Asphalt For use on asphalt, some asphalt over concrete, medium to soft sandstone, abrasive blocks, breezeblocks, green concretes, and other highly abrasive applications. Blades 300mm and over include 15mm undercut protection segments.
  • Platinum Mortar Raking For cutting out expansion joints, chasing and raking out mortar from brickwork.

Diamond blades come in diameters of 115mm, 125mm, 230mm, 300mm, 350mm, 450mm.

Hole centres are 20mm, 22mm, or 25.4mm.

Part no Description
PH11522 D/Bld Platinum ex/hard 115x22
PH12522 D/Bld Platinum ex/hard 125x22
PH23022 D/Bld Platinum ex/hard 230x22
PH30020 D/Bld Platinum ex/hard 300x20
PH35025 D/Bld Platinum ex/hard 350x25
PH45025 D/Bld Platinum ex/hard 450x25
PGP11522 D/Bld Platinum gen/mas 115x22
PGP12522 D/Bld Platinum gen/mas 125x22
PGP23022 D/Bld Platinum gen/mas 230x22
PGP30020 D/Bld Plat gen/mas 300x20
PGP35025 D/Bld Plat gen/mas 350x25 AP
PGP45025 D/Bld Platinum gen/mas 450x25
PAM11522 D/Bld Platinum abrasive 115x22
PAM12522 D/Bld Platinum abrasive 125x22
PAM23022 D/Bld Platinum abrasive 230x22
PAM30020 D/Bld Platinum abrasive 300x20
PAM35025 D/Bld Platinum abrasive 350x25
PAM45025 D/Bld Platinum abrasive 450x25
PA30020 D/Bld Platinum asphalt 300x20
PA30022 D/Bld Platinum asphalt 300x22
PA35025 D/Bld Platinum asphalt 350x25
PA45025 D/Bld Platinum asphalt 450x25
PMR115622 D/Bld Platinum mortar/r 115x22
PMR125622 D/Bld Platinum mortar/r 125x22

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