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SCREED PUMP M760DH Diesel - Complete with 40m of 50mm hose, 1 tripod, clips and seals (extra hoses, drip trays and gas oil bunds also available upon request at extra cost).
Mixokret M 760DH D

The M760DH is the more powerful than any machine in the Mixokret range ever. Ideal for tough continuous work under most difficult conditions but also for the everyday "job".

The modern design of the Mixokret makes it stand out on any job site.
  • Accommodating the powerful 64 hp Turbo Diesel and the strong compressor in the chassis of the smaller sister M 740.
  • The M 760 is amazingly manoeuvrable and easy to transport and at the same time it is full of practical details.
  • The hydraulic drive makes it possible for the mixer to run in reverse if required, enabling you to eliminate blockages in the mixer.
  • An overload protection is incorporated to prevent the mixer from being damaged by the enormous torque of the drive.
  • The powerful Turbo Diesel engine is the heart of the M 760 always providing sufficient power.
  • The control panel is protected against dirt and damage by a spring loaded flap.
  • The extra power of the M 760 means you will not often charge the unit to its limit that will enable you to operate it more efficiently. This then cuts down on wear to the unit and on your running costs.
  • In the rear "dust zone" the warm outgoing air along with the Diesel exhaust gases are blown away from the operator.
  • The hood is made of robust plastic and cuts down on weight and also makes the design possible. The result is an extremely smooth, resilient and elegant hood.
  • The M760 is in keeping with all valid safety regulations. If you open the hood or the protective grid of the mixer the engine switches off immediately.

Maintenance and Service
An essential reason for the success of the Mixokret floor screed conveyor is the little and simple service they require. The few wear parts can be exchanged quickly and are favourably priced. This means you get a considerable saving in time and money, which drastically reduces downtime. The design of the hood also reduces the amount of cleaning it hardly has any areas that can be attacked by dust and dirt. The result is a quick clean.

Delivery pressure: 7 bar
Delivery horizontal reach: App. 2000 m
Delivery vertical reach: App.50 storeys
Drive engine: BF3M Diesel engine 47kW
Weight: 1625 kg
Total width allowance: 1700 kg
Filling height: 820 mm
Max grain: 16 mm
Length: 4250 mm over everything
Width: 1500 mm
Height: 1450 mm
Noise level 104db

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