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FLOOR PLANE 200mm 110v 32a/Petrol, Including wear
Planers are mainly used for the removal of coatings and preparation of substrates. The smaller models can remove up to 250 square metres per shift and the larger models up to 1000 square metres per shift. The fundamental difference between models is in the depth of removal. The machine that takes off a wash coat of latex is not the same machine that will remove 5mm of C35 concrete. The finish obtained with a planer is determined by the type of substrate that the contamination is on and the cutter configuration used. The larger self propelled models of planers are specifically designed for a controlled removal of material with full dust control. All models of planers are available with various power sources to suit varying needs. Different accessories are available for varying applications. All planers can be used on concrete, steel or asphalt surfaces.

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