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With implemented filter systems, used by specialists, and by complying with the conditions present in nature, the pond is clear. So clear, that you can see all the way to the pond floor. However, often one then recognises the extent of sludge, mud, decaying vegetation, fish excrement, lawn cuttings and leaves, that form a thick unattractive layer of waste in the garden pond. This detritus can then cause water quality and clarity problems.

OASE answers the question of how to get the sludge out of the pond without draining the water.

Pondovac is a sludge vacuum that effortlessly removes coarse sludge particles like algae, mud, dead plants and leaf remnants, from the garden pond. With the Pondovac 2 model OASE has succeeded again in manufacturing an innovative product that is equal to the demands of users; both in function and technology. Functional safety and simple handling are the main focus of development.

Here are the most important improvements at a glance:
  • Pondovac 2 recognises when the capture tank is full and then completely shuts down the motor and turns it on again when the container has been emptied.
  • The strong motor performance enables greater suction force.
  • The tank capacity for holding the pond sludge has been enlarged by 30%.
  • When shutting down the motor, a backflow valve just behind the suction nozzle keeps the sludge that has already been suctioned, in the suction tube.
  • The pondovac 2 is supplied with a special nozzle for string algae.
  • It is also ideally suited for wet vacuum implementation in the household!

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