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LASER SETTING OUT Self Levelling, 3 or 5 Beam
  • For plumb level and square, one tool 4 beams
  • One tool for a wide range of applications and even more functionality with the accessory kit: Multifunctional.
  • Four perpendicular laser beams originating from a common centre: Quick and easy alignment.
  • Advanced shock absorption system: Robust construction.
  • Single-button operation: Ease of use.

  • Installation of partition walls at 90 degrees, pipe installation, alignment and laying tiles on floors.
  • Alignment of doors, windows, steel beams as well as electrical sockets and fittings.
  • Plumbing elevator guide rails, setting up formwork in the vertical plane as well as secondary steelwork such as balustrading.
  • Transferring points such as dados, aligning bottom drywall track with upper drywall track and installation of pipes passing through walls.

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