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3.9kg propane £14.43 (inc VAT)
4.7kg Propane £14.21 (inc VAT)
6kg Propane £18.22 (inc VAT)
11kg Propane £30.87 (inc VAT)
11kg Propane (Leisure/BBQ/Patio Heater) £31.34 (inc VAT)
18kg Propane (Fork Lift Gas) £33.07 (inc VAT)
19kg Propane £38.59 (inc VAT)
47kg Propane £65.32 (inc VAT)
7kg Butane 20mm £18.22 (inc VAT)
7kg Butane 21mm £18.22 (inc VAT)
13kg Butane 20mm £30.87 (inc VAT)
13kg Butane 21mm £30.87 (inc VAT)
Cylinder Rental Charge (Call For Details 01621 850252) £35.94 (inc VAT)
Butane Regulator 20/21mm £12.36 (inc VAT)
Low Pressure Propane Regulator £12.36 (inc VAT)

All prices are shown inclusive of VAT and may be changed with out notice.
Deliveries are charged extra.

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